Templer Townhouse

2,400 SF
New York, NY

The project was a ren­o­va­tion of the garden, parlor and base­ment levels of a brick town­house in the west Chelsea neigh­bor­hood of New York. The pri­mary inten­tion of the design was recon­nect the garden level spaces with the exte­rior while cre­ating more open living spaces throughout incor­po­rating min­i­malist details.

A simple palette of gray oil-stained Euro­pean White Oak, white walls and moments of fig­ural drama pro­vided by large slabs of white Cala­catta marble adorn the spaces. Muted lighting located in slots between walls and ceiling pro­vide a warm ambient glow at strategic loca­tions. More

A large new sliding glass wall system from Switzer­land con­nects the living room and garden with min­imal obstruc­tions. New full glass case­ment win­dows at the master bed­room and bath­room also pro­vide a clear view of the exterior.

In con­trast to the orthog­onal geome­tries throughout the spaces, the spiral stair winds organ­i­cally between two levels. The wood of the flooring con­tinues on the stairs rein­forcing the open plan in section.

The kitchen was designed to create a visu­ally min­imal and spare envi­ron­ment in con­trast to typ­ical kitchens. Despite this, all the appli­ances for daily use are easily accessed behind wood panels that match the wood flooring. The marble of the coun­tertop is used not only as working sur­face but also as vol­u­metric veneer.