Fine ⁄ Koffler House

2,800 SF
Southold, New York

The clients are a couple with two chil­dren. A cin­e­matog­ra­pher and a film pro­ducer, they needed to build a new second home after a fire destroyed their former one. Their desire was to create a weekend place of both soli­tude and hos­pi­tality, away from their hectic urban life.

The ini­tial con­cept was to create a “floating” ground floor/deck that fol­lows the gradual slope of the ground, winding through the nat­ural ter­rain. More

It sim­pli­fied exca­va­tion require­ments and allowed the house to both engage and detach itself where needed from the wild land­scape of the site. Inhab­iting a por­tion of this deck is an L-shaped “bar” housing the bed­rooms, bath­rooms, kitchen and entry areas. Over­lap­ping this volume is the cubic “box” that con­tains a col­lec­tion of multi-use spaces such as the living room, dining room and study. These spaces are both defined and unde­fined, blur­ring the expe­ri­ence of inside and out, making this modest house appear larger.

The large roof deck con­tinues the fluid move­ment through the house, acco­mo­dating friends and family. The only man­i­cured grass of the prop­erty exists at the end of the roof deck. A set of exte­rior stairs work down a screened shower area, leading back to the pri­mary deck and pool area.

The “bar” mate­rial is cedar in hor­i­zontal strips and exposed screens. The “box” mate­rial are large com­posite panels, in a stag­gered ashlar pattern.