Laurel Way House

Bev­erly Hills, CA

This new res­i­den­tial struc­ture will be located in Bev­erly Hills along Lau­rel Way uphill from the well-known Bev­erly Hills Hotel. The own­ers are a fam­ily relo­cat­ing to the west coast from New York City as a result of their busi­ness and grown chil­dren attend­ing local col­leges. More

The topog­ra­phy of the site pre­sented chal­leng­ing fea­tures most notably the dra­matic vari­a­tion in ele­va­tion heights as well as the boomerang shape of the prop­erty. Geo­met­ric guide­lines were stud­ied and gen­er­ated to struc­ture the mass­ing of the house design in order to reflect the exist­ing topog­ra­phy as well as cul­mi­nate in an iconic view of the LA Basin from the roof terrace. 

To “ground” the house design, we wanted to embrace the Los Ange­les ver­nac­u­lar in both the archi­tec­ture and land­scape designs. Early Frank Lloyd Wright and Richard Neu­tra houses in LA informed our exte­rior mate­r­ial aes­thetic while the own­ers’ love of the Bev­erly Hills Hotel gar­dens informed the land­scape design by Stephen Billings. In uni­son, the house mar­ries both a mod­ernist phi­los­o­phy of archi­tec­ture while allow­ing the invit­ing gar­den envi­ron­ment to com­ple­ment and enrich the built struc­ture. We believe this is the iconic imagery of LA res­i­den­tial architecture.