Templer Studios

4,000 SF
New York, NY

The project was a ren­o­va­tion of a working studio for a cre­ative director and fashion stylist located in New York City. The design reor­ga­nized the existing studio into clear func­tional zones while pro­viding a large mul­ti­pur­pose space to be used as nec­es­sary for var­ious projects.More

One of the pri­mary chal­lenges was to accom­mo­date the vast print col­lec­tion used as ref­er­ence for var­ious projects. The solu­tion was to line the entire space with these printed mat­ters as part of the overall design. Custom fab­ri­cated, white metal shelving, designed to be robust in pro­por­tions covers struc­tural walls from floor-to-ceiling cre­ating a second wall of books and mag­a­zines. In some cases as between the kitchen and table-tennis/layout area, free-standing shelving units act as the walls them­selves between spaces.

Ample day lighting fil­tered through roller shades all along the eastern wall pro­vides good ambient lighting for print viewing. A sec­ondary space at one end of the studio func­tions as the dig­ital editing room for qui­eter activ­i­ties needing less light.