Koi Walk

New York, NY

As our entry for the NYC LMCC Public Arts Grants, this project was intended to pos­i­tively trans­form a barren urban con­di­tion. The project site is a small, heavily used walkway in Chi­na­town, next to Pace High School.

The instal­la­tion is com­prised of a series of over­head dig­ital pro­jec­tors casting onto this walkway a video loop of an over­sized, real koi pond. Speakers dis­persed along the length of the pro­jec­tion pro­vide accom­pa­nying sounds of splashing, swirling water. At either ends of the “pond” are images of a wooden deck that frame this vir­tual nature. More

As the pedes­trian walks through this altered space, he or she in turn becomes part of an ambient space of color, motion and sound. In this space, we were not con­cerned with what is real or sim­u­lated, but what curious reality comes from their interaction.